Why Get Involved?


Downtown is home to some of the largest employers in a community.


Downtown supports the biggest concentration of locally owned businesses. Independent ownership keeps profits in Joplin.

Reflection of Joplin

This is critical to business retention and recruitment efforts. When a professional or company is looking at Joplin for potential relocation, they look at quality of life.Included in quality of life is downtown — is it healthy and viable, or does it represent local disinterest and failure?

Historic Preservation

There are a number of incentives to downtown development, including historic tax credits. Want to contribute to the environment and sustainability? The greenest buildings are already built.

Downtown is Unique

Downtown Joplin offers the most unique shopping and dining experiences in the region– Hackett’s Hot Wings, Red Onion Cafe, Instant Karma, Midtown Pizza Kitchen, Wilder’s, M&M Bistro, Sawmill BBQ, Club 609, Joplin Ave Coffee, Infuxn…(there are just so many to choose from and we haven’t even mentioned the night life!).

Historic Core

The downtown buildings hold our history and heritage. Our story is here.

Sense of Community and Place

It’s where we gather, where we celebrate, and where our traditions are carried out.

Get Involved!

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