Third Thursday Performances


Downtown Joplin invites all musicians from near and far to perform for Third Thursday. During Third Thursday, there are many places for performers including the North and South Music Stages, the Performing Arts Stage and on the street throughout the event. As a not-for-profit organization and a free event, at this time there is no stipend available for musicians.


SOUTH STAGE (600 block)
Entertainment on the south stage (600 block) is generously provided and booked by a collaboration of Club 609 and Blue Moon Market.
This stage is already booked up for the 2017 season.
NORTH STAGE (300 block)
North Stage is focused on all genres of music. We encourage unique genres of music. A PA system can be used, but volume should be minimal enough to reach the audience without drowning out the other performers or conversations on the block. Musicians should bring their own equipment and are responsible for their set-up and tear down.
PERFORMING ARTS STAGE GUIDELINES (northern portion of 600 block)
Performing Arts Stage is a venue for experienced performers from any genre (i.e. dancer, actor, singer, comedian, puppeteer, etc.). Once accepted to perform at Third Thursday, your time slot and the evening line-up will be emailed to you. Sound equipment will be set-up prior to the event. This is the best venue for beginning musicians who have a small repertoire of music, or any musical group looking for a short set.
ON THE STREET SIDE (Limited Availability)
Musicians are great additions to the event at storefronts, street corners, etc. Depending on where other acts are already booked for that month, DJA can usually reserve a location that doesn’t compete with other performers nearby. The length of these sets can vary.


  • Bring at least 200 feet of extension cord to ensure you can reach electrical boxes
  • If selling, vendors are required by the city of Joplin to purchase a Vendor’s License. It is $5/ year and can be purchased on the third floor of City Hall with Linda Foulks.
  • If selling, **You solely are responsible for any and all applicable state and federal revenue forms and taxes submissions. Downtown Joplin assumes no reasonability in the matter.
  • Additional Questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions Link on the previous page.

    When will I find out where my spot will be???

     After you receive a confirmation of acceptance email and make your online payment through the link provided in your acceptance email, 1 to 2 days prior to each month’s event that you are signed up for, Downtown Joplin will email you your Location and Day of Logistics Information.


Submissions must be made no later than 7 days prior to the Third Thursday of that month

Send an email to     with the ALL following info.
-Full Name
-Email Address
-Cell Phone Number
-Full Address
-Month or Months Interested in Signing Up for At That Time
-Basic Description of what you want to do