Downtown is generally thought of as the area from Union Depot (B Street) to Gryphon Building (10th) and from the Murphysburg residential neighborhood to the west, and Empire Market to the east.

There are several individual historic districts located in downtown including the locally recognized Sunshine Lamp District which is Main Street from 1st to 8th, with the 500 and 600 blocks of Joplin included. Other Nationally recognized districts are found in adjacent areas of downtown.

Being located in a recognized historic district is a benefit but sometimes a challenge. You benefit from consistent standards for renovation and restoration of facades, signage, and building exteriors. This maintains the historic fabric of the neighborhood throughout and for future generations. Guidelines will direct
you to maintain what you can and that any replacement materials be consistent with original design of the building.


Downtown Joplin Alliance believes in continued relationship building because we want your continued success. Please let us know how we can help!

A good part of what makes up downtown’s charm and desirability is its historic structures. If you are locating your business in an historic building, here are some additional resources you might find helpful.


Buildings within the Sunshine Lamp District need a Certificate of Appropriateness for any exterior modifications including signage, windows, paint, etc. These standards maintain the integrity of the historic buildings and the district. There are facade grants which are available for applicants within the district.


For a major renovation project, state and federal historic tax credits (HTC) can be an excellent tool to make the finances work. These are a complex 3 step process. You’ll want to have pros involved along the way!


There are other possible sources of funding for historic renovations that are situation specific.

  • Brownfields Remediation Program. To redevelop contaminated commercial/industrial sites, this program provides financial benefits for remediation purposes. These projects must result in the creation of at least 10 new jobs or the retention of 25 jobs.
  • Property Tax Abatement. Some areas considered “blighted” are eligible to apply for property tax abatement under the Urban Redevelopment Corporations Law.
  • Joplin Capital Corporation. Provides “gap financing” such as small business loans and/or equity.
  • Opportunity Zone. Encourages long-term investment and job creation in low-income areas of the state, by allowing investors to re-invest unrealized capital gains in designated census tracts. A portion of downtown is eligible.
  • TIF District. TIF is a public financing method that is used most commonly to redevelop blighted areas and make public infrastructure improvements funded in part by future taxes created by the development itself. A TIF District is usually created in a blighted area where little to no property and sales taxes are currently being generated. A development is then built and paid for by the developer.


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Downtown Joplin Alliance believes in continued relationship building because we want your continued success. Please let us know how we can help!

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