Curbside Pickup

Empire Curbside was such a hit during the darkest times of the pandemic, that it is now a permanent feature, even though you can once again shop our market halls in person each Saturday, all year long. Order from a great selection of vendors online and then drive through or walk-in to pick up your goodies. Empire Curbside even offers the chance to shop with vendors who are not at the Market in person most weeks, such as Savory Sauce and Mo’ Mushrooms!

Customers may place their orders from Tuesdays 8p-Thursdays 8p each week, for drive-thru pickup on Saturday 10:30a-12:30p at the Empire Market, located at 931 E 4th St, Joplin, MO. Use the button below to shop!



Curbside FAQ

Q: How do I access the website?

A: Click the SHOP EMPIRE CURBSIDE button above, OR go to OR click the “SHOP NOW” button on our Facebook page! 


Q: When can I place my order? 

A: The store will be fully stocked and live each week from Tuesday at 8pm to Thursday at 8pm.


Q: When do I pickup?

A: Saturday, from 10:30a-12:30p


Q: Where do I pick up?

A: At the Empire Market! 931 E 4th Street.  We are currently doing drive-thru service. We ask that you:

  1.  pull around the back of the building onto 3rd Street (accessible via Division or School) and then 
  2. enter our courtyard drive-thru from the northside with payment ready 
  3. pull up to the glass doors, pay, and then we’ll hand over the goodies! 
  4. then exit via 3rd Street


Q: Do I pay when ordering?

A: You may pay during the ordering process or pay at pickup.


Q: What forms of payment do you take at pickup?

A: We prefer credit or debit cards, but we can take cash. Also EBT/SNAP and any tokens you might have from other market days!


Q: Can I use my EBT/SNAP as payment?

A: Yes! You are only pre-ordering online, so you can still use your EBT to pay for eligible items when you pickup your order.


Q: I missed the 8pm deadline to order! Does that mean I’m out of luck? 

A: While we can make no guarantees, if you email we will try to get an order in for you. You can also contact vendors directly via their social media.


Q: Will all the regular Empire Market vendors be on the website?

A: The vendor selection will vary from week-to-week, but we have close to 20 core vendors who have signed up to participate, with more coming!


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