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Vendor FAQ

What types of goods can be sold at the Empire Market?

We are a producer-only market and we do farm visits for growers. We welcome varieties of the following:  fresh produce (grown by the seller, within a 150 mi radius of Joplin); locally processed meats; locally made cheese; locally grown eggs; handmade jams, jellies, & preserves; homemade baked goods; locally produced wine, beer, and spirits; locally grown plants, flowers, & seeds; local honey, prepared gourmet food; handmade artisan goods; fine art; vintage goods. Have something else you’d like to sell at the Market? Drop us a message and let’s talk!

How much do vendor spaces cost?

Produce vendors can get a full year for $200 plus 3% of daily sales. 3 month passes are $65 and 6 month are $100.

All other annual passes are available for $400, plus 3% of daily sales. This provides for a year of Saturday booth space. A six month pass, good for six consecutive months of your choosing, is $250, plus 3% of daily sales. Three month passes are $150, plus 3% of sales. 

There are also day passes available for $25 plus 3% of sales.

Indoor vendors will receive table spaces, or the equivalent of 8’ x 6’ spaces, depending on the restrictions of the building. Outdoor vendors will need tents and will start at 10’ x 10’ spaces and upward. For specific questions about booth size, please contact us at info@joplinempiremarket.com

Okay, I’ve filled out the application form? Now what?

We’ll be reviewing all forms and contacting you for more information. Once approved, you’ll receive a copy of our Rules & Regulations, a contract, and detailed information on setup. Included in your package will be information on how to get a City of Joplin license ($30 for a year (April-April)–PRODUCE is exempt), and instructions on contacting the City of Joplin Health Department (food vendors only).

I bought a Season Pass, but I can’t show up every day. Do I get a discount?

Our Season Passes were designed with value in mind (it breaks down to only $7.69 each Saturday!), and thus we are unable to provide refunds for missed days.

I have a food truck. Can I set up at the Market?

We will definitely be looking for a limited amount of food truck and food stand vendors for the Market. The cost for food trucks is $25 per day.

Will you have a commercial kitchen that food vendors can use?

A commercial kitchen with vendor access is part of our plans for the Market. We’ll keep everyone updated as to the progress with that. There is a commercial kitchen available at the Advanced Training and Technology Center just down the street. Contact Loni with the Chamber of Commerce at 417-624-4150 for more details.  

When will the market be open?

The Empire Market is a four-season affair, so we’ll be open year-round. We are open on Saturdays from 10-3, with special events (like Night Markets!) thrown on a more limited basis.

How many vendors will be allowed in each category?

We don’t want certain categories to become oversaturated, so we will be looking at this as applications come in. We want high quality vendors, and also want to be able to provide customers with a wide variety of goods. Artisan vendor applications may close periodically through the year.

Is it air-conditioned?

The Market halls are not air-conditioned at this time. Our facility has indoor space and exterior space for tents. There will be large fans to help keep us cool in warmer weather. Classroom spaces are climate controlled. 

Will I have the same space every month?

We cannot guarantee this up front, but it is our goal to have a mixture of permanent and rotating stalls. Vendors who buy the season pass will get first priority on permanent spaces.

When is payment of my booth fees due? And the daily sales percent?

No payment is due when you apply. We will review applications and get back to you with questions, rules and regulations, and, if approved, vendor contracts. Invoices for your booth fee will then follow.

The 3% of daily sales fee will be collected before exiting the market each day you sell, or if you have taken in debit or SNAP tokens, it will be deducted from the reimbursement amount we owe you.

How is the daily sales percentage calculated?

Take your total gross sales for the day and multiply it by .03. That will give you the amount that you owe.

What licenses do I need to sell at the Market?

Each vendor is responsible for knowing the types of licenses they need to sell within the Joplin City limits. Special Event licenses are required for all but produce vendors. These cost $30 for an entire year. Licenses can be purchased on the third floor of City Hall. Victoria Maturino can answer questions relating to City Licensing.

Business Licensing contact info: 417-624-0820 ext. 242.

Annie Duff is the main contact at the city for food vendors. All food vendors MUST contact the health department and let them know what they are planning to sell or sample prior to final approval of their application.

Health Department contact info: 417-623-6122

Can I get a booth for only one or two Saturdays during the year?

Yes! Day rates are $25 plus 3% of daily sales.

I still have questions. How do I contact Market staff?

If there’s something we haven’t answered here, feel free to shoot us an email at info@joplinempiremarket.com

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