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The heart of this endeavor is community building.  It goes beyond downtown, giving Joplin a place to gather and grow.”

— Lori Haun, Executive Director


The Empire Market Joplin will be an economic and community centerpiece that strengthens and engages the entire city.  A vibrant four-season market where  you can find the best of what this area has to offer; produce, meats, cheeses, wine, beer, crafters, artisans and any number of other vendors, set up in a collection of permanent and rotating stalls. In conjunction with that, we will become a basecamp for entrepreneurs and makers of all types.  This will be the place to find affordable workspaces, meaningful resources, and a diverse community of passionate individuals who are focused on creating long-lasting, impactful businesses for Joplin. This is truly a game changer for the next generation of entrepreneurs and creatives in Joplin.

Empire Market


In December of 2016, the Empire District Electric Company donated to DJA over 33,000 square feet of buildings on 3.34 acres in the center of Joplin. The  primary structure, built in 1907, is located at 4th and Railroad. Downtown Joplin Alliance plans to re-purpose this historic building and its attached 11,000 sf garage as the new four-season Joplin Empire Market.

Empire Market


This destination anchor will draw shoppers from outside the metropolitan area producing increased sales tax revenue while providing local opportunities for employment and small businesses. For every $100 spent at a farmers market, $62 stays in the local economy, and $99 stays in state

Empire Market

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What types of goods can be sold at the Empire Market?

We welcome varieties of the following:  fresh produce (grown by the seller, within a 150 mi radius of Joplin); locally processed meats; locally made cheese; locally grown eggs; handmade jams, jellies, & preserves; homemade baked goods; locally produced wine, beer, and spirits; locally grown plants, flowers, & seeds; local honey, prepared gourmet food; handmade artisan goods; fine art; vintage goods. Have something else you’d like to sell at the Market? Drop us a message and let’s talk!

How much do vendor spaces cost?

Farmer and Artisan Season passes are available for $400, plus 3% of daily sales.. This provides for a year of Saturday booth space. A six month pass, good for April through September, is $250, plus 3% of daily sales.

Farmers and artisans will receive 10’x10’ spaces, or the equivalent, depending on the restrictions of the building (i.e. a 5’x20’ space). For specific questions about booth size, please contact us at info@joplinempiremarket.com

Okay, I’ve filled out the pre-registration form? Now what?

We’ll be reviewing all forms and contacting you for more information. Once approved, you’ll receive a copy of our Rules & Regulations, a contract, and an invitation to a vendor meeting.

I bought a Season Pass, but I can’t show up every day. Do I get a discount?

Our Season Passes were designed with value in mind (it breaks down to only $7.69 each Saturday!), and thus we are unable to provide refunds for missed days.

I have a food truck. Can I set up at the Market?

We will definitely be looking for a limited amount of food truck and food stand vendors for the Market. We don’t have the specific cost information for you yet, but still feel free to apply so that we know you are interested.

Will you have a commercial kitchen that food vendors can use?

A commercial kitchen with vendor access is part of our plans for the Market. We’ll keep everyone updated as to the progress with that.

When will the market be open?

The Empire Market is a four-season affair, so we’ll be open year-round. To start, we’ll be open on Saturdays from 10-5, with special events (like Night Markets!) thrown on a more limited basis. We plan to be open more days of the week as we progress. The date of the first market is set for Saturday, April 28, 2018.

How many vendors will be allowed in each category?

We don’t want certain categories to become oversaturated, so we will be looking at this as applications come in. We want high quality vendors, and also want to be able to provide customers with a wide variety of goods.

Is it air-conditioned?

Not at this time. Our facility has indoor space, covered outdoor space (that can actually be closed off in inclement weather) and exterior space for tents. There will be large overhead fans to help keep us cool in warmer weather.

Where will my booth be located?

This will be decided at a later date, based on the applications we get.

Will I have the same space every month?

We cannot guarantee this up front, but it is our goal to have a mixture of permanent and rotating stalls. Vendors who buy the season pass will get first priority on permanent spaces.

Are there bathrooms at the Market?

At this time, we have limited restroom facilities on the Market floor, though they are part of our plans. If the restrooms are not completed by the time the Market is to open, we will have temporary facilities.

When is payment of my booth fees due? And the daily sales percent?

No payment is due when you apply. During this initial period, we will be reviewing applications and getting back to you with questions, rules and regulations, and, if approved, vendor contracts. Vendors who decide to purchase the full season pass will be required to pay half of it at the Season Kickoff meeting, which will be held in late January or early February. The other half will be due on May 31, 2018.

The 3% of daily sales fee will be collected before exiting the market each day you sell.

How is the daily sales percentage calculated?

Take your total gross sales for the day and multiply it by .03. That will give you the amount that you owe.

What licenses do I need to sell at the Market?

Each vendor is responsible for knowing the types of licenses they need to sell within the Joplin City limits. Peddler’s licenses are typically required for handicrafts and art; food has it’s own separate set of statutes. Ryan Talken is the main contact at the city for food vendors.

Can I get a booth for only one or two Saturdays during the year?

We may be opening up day passes later on in our registration process. At this time, we are selling season and half-season passes only.

Where can I park?

We have ample parking available. There is our large lot on the east side of the Market complex, a smaller lot to the west that fronts 4th Street (where vendors will park), and some street parking.

Is there a chance that any of this information will change before the Market opening?

Yes! This is a brand new venture on the part of Downtown Joplin Alliance and there will necessarily be things that change as we go. We wanted to get some initial information to you early on, but that means that we’re also still working out the details. We welcome feedback and input from potential vendors (just email us), and we will be setting up prospective vendor meetings in the fall.

I still have questions. How do I contact Market staff?

If there’s something we haven’t answered here, feel free to shoot us an email at info@joplinempiremarket.com


  • Build local economy for East Town neighborhood as well as the greater Joplin area
  • Increase access to fresh, nutritious, local foods
  • Support and encourage healthy community
  • Act as an incubator for small entrepreneurs
  • Improve public health nutrition options
  • Provide a vehicle to educate the community on nutrition and good health
  • Assist area farmers, producers, and artisans with sustainable business opportunities
  • Generate a sense of local pride while furthering the economic development of our community
  • Serve as a community gathering place
  • Destination anchor to attract regional visitors and tourists


  • Farmers’ Market
  • Artisan Market
  • Restaurant/prepared food
  • Coffee shop
  • Commissary kitchen for food truck usage
  • Commercial kitchen for small food-based startups
  • Classrooms and conference rooms
  • Food hub for shelters and soup kitchens
  • Community gardens
  • Education and outreach for food and community betterment
  • Cultural center with live music and art
  • Festivals and events
  • Lineman tribute space
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