Third Thursday is Joplin’s premiere community cultural event. Every Third Thursday, March through October, thousands of people gather on Main Street in Downtown Joplin from 5:30pm to 8:30pm to enjoy local artisans, music, entertainment, and food.

makers market

Makers Market

The Artisan Market at 3rd Thursday and indoor pop-up galleries throughout downtown are filled with some of the best collections from local makers and artists.  Additional downtown galleries include Urban Art Gallery,  Spiva Center for the Arts,  and Local Color.


Performance Stages

There are performances spread between 1st and 7th.  Walk around to hear the different musicians, take hip-hop lessons, and watch vignettes. Whether it’s music, dance, theatre, or plein air art, you’re sure to find something that moves you!


Eat and Drink

One of the best things about Third Thursday is the food! Have dinner at one of our local restaurants or check out the food trucks with everything from frozen treats to tacos, barbecue, to pizza. Enjoy a drink at outdoor patios and beer gardens.



Many merchants stay open late on Third Thursday and offer special classes, discounts, and other goodies! The street is filled with all sorts of vendors and entrepreneurs. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re likely to find a source at Third Thursday!


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Under 20 Employees

10'x10' Space


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Over 20 Employees

10'x10' Space


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10'x10' Space

Before applying, please read general information, Frequently Asked Questions, and information relating to each type of vendor below.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Downtown Joplin Alliance offers many sponsorship opportunites. For each event, your logo and/or business name is on all printed materials, recognition in news releases, newsletters, emails, and social media. Sponsors of larger events may also receive recognition on signage, t-shirts, TV, newspaper, and radio ads.





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We welcome a variety of vendors each month. We may limit certain numbers of a particular type of vendor. Political booths are not allowed with the exception of local candidates or local issues. These should be presented in a non-partisan manner.

We do offer a limited number of “Mobile Vendor” options each month. This includes businesses and organizations who want to walk the event for promotion, material distribution, etc. rather than sitting in one place. These will be vetted and you will be required to walk the event grounds at the end of the evening to pick up any literature from your promotions.

Vendors are responsible for all materials required for their space (i.e. tables, chairs, backdrops, etc.)

If selling, vendors are required by the city of Joplin to purchase a Vendor’s License. It is $5/ year and can be purchased on the third floor of City Hall in the finance dept 417-624-0820 x1242.

If selling, you solely are responsible for any and all applicable state and federal revenue forms and taxes submissions. or 573-751-5860, option 5, then option 1 for sales tax number information.

Limit one vendor per 10X10 space. For vendor collaborations, only one space is provided.

Vendors are responsible for cleaning up of their space. All trash must be taken with you. It may NOT be left at the trash barrels on site. Those are for attendees only.

Set up is from 3:30-5pm. Tear down is 8:30-9pm. Vendors need to be off the street by 9pm.

It is recommended to bring a tent for booth space, tent size is limited to 10’x 10’. Weights are required for each leg of a tent of 40lbs per leg.

Lighting is needed for March and October events. String lights on tent frames work great.

Electric is available for additional $10 per booth space. If using electric, always bring at least 200 feet of extension cord to ensure you can reach electrical boxes.

Additional Questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page.

To continue to appease the large crowds that come to Downtown Joplin on Third Thursday, Downtown Joplin is thrilled to bring out dozens of unique food vendors.

PLEASE offer something unique to set you apart from the many other options. You may be declined if a particular food type is saturated.

All Food and Drink vendors must pass the Food Safety Inspection as set forth by the City of Joplin.

FOR QUESTIONS ON INSPECTIONS CALL Annie at (417) 623-6122 ext 1288 or Devin at (417) 623-6122 ext 1287 or email him at

All food vendors with fryers must have a type K fire extinguisher.

All food vendors must take trash with them at the end of the event. Please leave the area around you neat and tidy. No trash may be left near the street receptacles.

Artists are encouraged to have a professional well lit display. Tents with lights and 40lbs of weights per leg are preferred.

Set up time is 3:30-5 and tear down is 8:30-9pm.

This is a family friendly event, please keep this in mind as you consider your display. No nudity or graphic violence.

If selling, artists are required by the city of Joplin to purchase an Artist Vendor’s License. It is $5/ year and can be purchased on the third floor of City Hall in the finance dept. 417-624-0820 x1242. You will also need a sales tax number. Missouri Dept of Revenue 573-751-5860 option 5, then option 1 or

Limit one artist per 10X10 space. For artist collaborations, only one space is provided.

Each artist must bring his or her own displays, such as easels, tables, and pedestals.

Downtown Joplin Alliance invites all musicians from near and far to perform for Third Thursday. During Third Thursday, there are many places for performers including the North and South Music Stages, the Performing Arts Stage and on the street throughout the event. As a not-for-profit organization and a free event, at this time there is no stipend available for musicians.

SOUTH STAGE (600 block)
Entertainment on the south stage (600 block) is generously provided and booked by a collaboration of Club 609 and Blue Moon Market.

NORTH STAGE (300 block)
North Stage is focused on all genres of music. We encourage unique genres of music. A PA system should be used, but volume should be minimal enough to reach the audience without drowning out the other performers or conversations on the block. Musicians should bring their own equipment and are responsible for their set-up and tear down.

ON THE STREET SIDE (Limited Availability)
Musicians are great additions to the event at storefronts, street corners, etc. Depending on where other acts are already booked for that month, DJA can usually reserve a location that doesn’t compete with other performers nearby. The length of these sets can vary.

To sign up: Register Here

We’d love to have you get involved! For more information please contact ourExecutive Director, Lori Haun at

What happens if it rains, storms, or snows?

Third Thursday happens RAIN OR SHINE! This is a rain or shine event and refunds will not be given due to poor weather conditions.

What time does Third Thursday begin?

The event runs every 3rd Thursday of the month from March to October from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

What time can I setup?

Streets close at approximately 3:30pm. Businesses, sponsors and performers may begin setting up as soon as traffic has stopped and streets are fully closed.

Can my organization come and give away free food and drink during the event?

We do not allow for free food or drink giveaways during Third Thursday.
Bottled water and packaged candy are the only consumable items allowed to be given away.

Why have you made so many changes since the beginning of the event in 2008? 

This event has grown tremendously since 2008. Every year, we take the feedback of our vendors, performers, restaurants, retailers, residents, and visitors and try to take the next step forward to improve the quality and effectiveness of this event.

How many people attend each month? 

Between 5000 and 8000 folks come downtown each month to enjoy community and see old friends.


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